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Faeville, Wild West, USA

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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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NE Oregon
Here are my favorite photos and stories from a fun project I did a few years ago while recovering from cancer surgery. I found a program where I could make a virtual person that looked much like myself and then pick clothes that fit the image I was trying to portray. The guns, badge, holster, etc., had to be added to my character and then overlay my character on a photo. It helped pass the healing time very quickly.

Welcome to Faeville, Wild West, USA. Population: Apparitions 500 Living 1. Elevation: 1000 feet above B.S. level. I was elected sheriff by a unanimous vote. News reports of my votes being graveyard votes are false. All our town's apparitions are alive and well. I will hold true to my campaign promise, "Faeville will only become a ghost town over my dead body."
FF ghost 2.jpg

Apparitions don't understand sleep deprivation
Pounding 88 ivories all night long has to stop.
I can tolerate drinking, gambling, and prostitution
but the sound of an out-of-tune piano is going to stop.
FF app.jpg

Despite hours of grueling interrogation
He refuses to confess to midnight ragtime.

After another night of no sleep
I depart the saloon since the apparitions
Have called it a night and gone into hiding
I don my new hat and cover my eyes.
Sunrise is bright, it's focused, and blinding.
I must walk with poise, I am the lawlady.
Faeville depends on me, I must not disappoint.
FF sal am.jpg
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