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Fast & Furious cover-up starts to unravel...

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Apr 12, 2008
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"And now, with the release of more than the very few emails leaked to Serrano, more information exists linking not only the White House but key Obama NSA advisors and staffers to the man who managed Operation Fast and Furious from its inception: Bill Newell."

With a Friday evening release of emails, the Obama White House was finally forced to admit its early knowledge of and possible involvement in the Operation Fast and Furious “Gunwalking” scandal, even if not by NAME!

During the summer of 2010, Bill Newell, Special Agent in Charge of the ATF Arizona field office exchanged numerous emails and telephone calls with Kevin O’Reilly, White House staffer and Director of North American Affairs of the National Security Council.

We now know the subject of these contacts to have been Operation Fast and Furious, the infamous Administration “Gunwalking” debacle.

While a White House National Security Director, O’Reilly not only held his meetings in the White House with such notables as the President and Vice President, Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano and members of the Joint Chiefs, he asked for and received “regular updates” on ATF border operations directly from Bill Newell.

O’Reilly then shared this information with Dan Restrepo, Special Assistant to the President, National Security Council and Greg Gatjanis, Director of Terrorist Finance and Counternarcotics, National Security Council.

For months, Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have maintained–Holder under questioning by the Grassley/Issa congressional committees–that they neither had knowledge of, nor approved the Fast and Furious scheme.

In support of these claims, the White House had “provided” LA Times reporter Richard Serrano with a SELECT FEW of Newell’s emails in which neither Fast and Furious nor Gunwalking are mentioned. As Obama’s operatives undoubtedly expected, Serrano obligingly concluded that the White House had no idea that “…a botched sting operation had allowed hundreds of guns to flow to drug cartels.”

Yet under questioning by the Grassley/Issa committees on July 26th of this year, Newell admitted that he did indeed discuss the Gunwalking operation with Kevin O’Reilly, “…as early as September 2010.”



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Feb 10, 2006
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Late on Friday the Obama White House disclosed a new avalanche of documents related to Operation Fast and Furious, in response to demands from Congressional investigators.

The documents show how often and how extensively Bill Newell, the lead Fast and Furious agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives communicated with senior Obama administration National Security official Kevin O’Reilly.

Among the documents the White House released was a map that Newell sent O’Reilly, documenting the final destinations in Mexico of the weapons ATF was tracking. In an email to O’Reilly, Newell described each arrow on the map as “the ultimate destination of firearms we intercepted and/or where the guns ended up.”

“The arrow chart is really interesting — and — no surprise — implies at least that different [Drug Trafficking] organizations in [Mexico] have very different and geographically distinct networks in the US for acquiring guns,” O’Reilly responded.

The chart and corresponding emails are related to the Phoenix ATF’s larger Gunrunner Impact Team (GRIT) project. It’s unclear if the guns depicted on Newell’s map were specifically those from Operation Fast and Furious, or others from a different but similar operation.

On Friday night CBS News reported that another operation that Newell and other Phoenix-based ATF officials led, one similar to Fast and Furious, also allowed guns to “walk” into Mexico. Its name was Operation Wide Receiver.
In a September 3, 2010, email to O’Reilly, Newell explained how ATF officials in Washington canceled a press conference he had scheduled to provide media with detail on the Obama administration’s ATF’s anti-trafficking operations.

“You didn’t get these from me,” Newell started the email. “The first attachment is what we were going to hand out to the media prior to our planned August 26th press conference. We will still use this IF we ever do a press conf. It had been vetted through ATF HQ. The second Word doc is what we were going to give to ATF DD Melson as notes in case he got asked specific questions about our Industry Operations efforts during GRIT

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