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Faster Horses

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gcreekrch said:
Hasn't been here in a bit, hope it is just fun and travelling that is keeping her away. :?

I was just thinking the same thing... hope all is well with her and Mr. FH. We miss you, Faster Horses!
She posted in the photo contest side that she would be gone for a week or so.
We were back at the ranch where we have no internet service til we go
back for the spring/summer. I did go to the library and use thier computer
so I didn't have withdrawl for a whole week!!

We are fine, just went back to load hay that is going to New Mexico.
They started hauling in January and got the last load Friday. I did take
some pictures, so hopefully tomorrow I can post them. That hay went
1000 miles!!!

I missed you all too!! :D

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