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Mar 11, 2005
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northeast nebraska
how'd you guys get along with the brat? has she figured it out yet? i'm just glad at this point i have 2 older, they know-the-rules, dogs. one varmint-killer, one pud-dog (who REALLY hates coyotes, and will run them plumb off), but he'll jump in the truck with anyone who leaves the door open.

hope they stick til the kids are more grown-up, though....you should post an up dated pic...
WELLLLLLLLL, what can I say? We love her. She is cool. But I let her in the house the other day. She went around, layed down. I petted her. She walked into the living room, looked over her shoulder at me, and wet on the rug, looking at me the whole time!!! SOOOOOOOO, she lost that privilege again until I forget and like her so much I let her in again. The other dog we had that was related to her, was kind of the same way until she got older. Even then, you had to be sure to let her out...

If I could find my digital camera, I would be happy to post an updated picture. I lost it, found it and lost it real good this time. You can see what goes on around here...I can hide my own Easter eggs...
oh, she IS a brat, isn't she?? here's something worth trying if she's gonna do the old "yeah, i see ya, what you gonna do about it?" deal. get one of those water sprayers, full of just water, keep it handy. then, when you're kicked back on the couch, the brat comes in, starts looking around a little, at the first sign of a squat, you ROAR at her, spray her, and run her out of the house. the "ROAR" scares them pretty bad, the spray shocks them into stopping (usually) peeing, and getting tossed outside nails it.

she's old enough now to know better, she's acting like a 3-yr-old child, ie, let's see if we can get away with what we know is wrong. i always made a big deal of my kids' 4th birthday--that they lived to celebrate it just because of that behavior!! :D better get and close a couple of windows--it's raining. later
i thought about recomending (sp?) a little "additive" but didn't want to traumatize the little girl and turn her into a serial killer..... :lol:
I really apprecitate your tips, ladies. BUT, I really don't think she knows better. This is the same behavior she has outside. No warning, just squat and pee. Most dogs run around in a circle a bit, or do SOMETHING to warn you. It is like she has NO WARNING, just needs to do it.

We have been gone and when we got home this evening, we went into the garage, she was so happy to see us, she ran in, squat and peed right there. I sincerely don't believe she knows it is wrong. I think it has to be genetic, the way she does. The other dog was the very same way.

We should take her in to be spayed this week. I will have her bladder checked, although she has quit wetting so often. Again, I do appreciate your help and I plan to try the water thing.
you're right, fh, usually they give you SOME warning, though not always ENOUGH. this is an interesting problem....well, i think i would tell the vet spaying her about the problem--he/she may find an anatomical problem while they're in there, esp. if they're warned to look for one.

i don't know about the amonia/water spray--if she's a LITTLE bit smart, i think the h2o + growling at her should work. here's an example: our muttly dog is 8 yrs old, and i got tired of her nearly taking my hand off when i put her food in her bowl every night. i simply started telling her 'sit", then "stay", then i put her food in her bowl. if she moved, i said something like "aaaggghhh", and she would stop. within one week, she was sitting like a lady, and if she moved i did the "aaagggghhh" again, and to this day, a little growl stops her, but it usually doesn't take that.

it AMAZED me. course, it takes an old bi#ch to know one... :)

let me know what happens. ann
Well then dont go to 'view more emotions' :p glad i could help you out. :D
:D :help: :santa:

It must be the way your browser handles popup windows. No problem here in southern Mexico.

Of course I'm using FireFox! :wink:
Faster horses said:

I will keep you informed. And thanks for your interest.

BTW, why can't I put more than one emoticon on this board? I click on one and they all disappear. I don't have this problem until I go to "view more emoticons." HELP!


I had the same problem but figured it out. I get on "view more emoticons", click on the one I want. The view more emoticons then disappears. You should find it at the bottom of your screen, it'l' show ranchers.net, put your cursor on it, will show you ranchers.net....emoticons, click on it and it will come back up. Have to keep doing that until you're done with emoticons. Hope this helps.
Hanta Yo said:

Are you on Vay Cay Shun???? :shock:

Retired. Problem with being retired is you can't tell if you are on vacation.

We live down here about 4 months out of the year. Cost of living is much less here. Heat index was 108 yesterday. Glad to be going back to the ranch next week.
8) :) :heart: :hat: :cboy: :help: :mrgreen: :dunce: :gag: :cry2:
well i dont know what to say faster horses i just click on em and they pop up where they are suposed to go.may be you dont have the midas touch eh?
M Gravlee said:
Hanta Yo said:

Are you on Vay Cay Shun???? :shock:

Retired. Problem with being retired is you can't tell if you are on vacation.

We live down here about 4 months out of the year. Cost of living is much less here. Heat index was 108 yesterday. Glad to be going back to the ranch next week.
Cool! 8)
Hey Les, those are the easy ones. Go to "view more emoticons" and see what happens. I can click on one and then they disappear. Then when I go to my screensaver, the window will be there. But trying to get it in the response box, I can only click one time and the window disappears.


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