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Finally making hay!!!!! Lots o' pics

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Sep 4, 2009
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It's been a long time coming but we're finally there.

I'm a few weeks behind where I wanted to be but that's mostly because things were out of my hands. I intend to catch up as quickly as possible.

With the purchase of a new mower, rake (tedder), and baler, I had to wait for the vendor to send a technician to check out the new equipment before we could start. If we started without him and something went wrong from the beginning, I'd get the blame.

Anyway, he finally showed up, verified the function of the equipment, and we're off and running.

Here are a few photos taken after the technician signed off:

Prep-ing the unit to get started:


For those of you who are interested in guts:


The area we'll bale today. As you can see in the foreground, this field needs baling badly to clean up some of that "malesa" (bad stuff) growing amongst my bermuda.


My bermuda was way overdue for cutting. This actually presented some problems with the mower as much of the material was laid over and stuck to the ground.


And, of course, what baling day is complete without rain? It's hardly rained at all since I arrived mid June but now that I've started baling, the heavens have parted.


Baler droppings. A site for sore eyes.


Off to the shed! After we got the last wagon-load of bales under roof, a toad-strangler of water fell. They call it here a "palo de agua" or a stick of water.


With the heavy rainfall I spent the last couple of days planting about 20 more acres of bermuda which will be under my irrigation system. I've got at least another 20 acres to go as it relates to irrigation.

It was good though to finally get started producing some product.
Hey WW, good to see you got it all going. Hay needs rain to make and rain ruins hay. An interesting dichotomy.
was wondering how you were making out with all the new equipment,it looks likeit's working fine.

nice to see that no matter what part of the world your in, mother nature is still the boss :wink:

thanx for the pic's

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