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Jul 4, 2005
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The Dallas Morning News has been as supportive of Bush's war as Katrina. But today.... Well, read it for yourself. Excerpts and link below; my emphasis.

"To be sure, this is far from an ideal document. Under its provisions, Islamic law would effectively govern a loose confederation, limiting the rights of women and religious minorities. There is serious concern over the capacity of the proposed weak federal government proposed to hold the fractious nation together.

And most troubling, this draft was agreed to over the strenuous objections of the Sunni minority. As obstreperous as they've been, no peaceful, stable, democratic Iraqi state can emerge without their participation. Failure to persuade the Sunnis to sign on is the deepest fault in this process. "

But this is the important part:

"As delegates in Baghdad completed their work, President Bush gave the national VFW convention a hopeful progress report on the Iraq war. One is taken aback by the disconnect between Mr. Bush's oratory and the situation on the ground in Iraq. The president relies on shopworn optimism and patriotic sentiment to fend off doubts about his war policy among segments of the American people. This is a risky and insufficient strategy.

Over the weekend, Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel, a decorated Vietnam veteran, scoffed at the official cheer coming out of the White House and compared the Iraq situation to Vietnam. Chuck Hagel is not Cindy Sheehan. Platitudinous speeches before friendly audiences won't calm unsettled minds, and there aren't enough good days like yesterday in Iraq to bridge the gap between the president's rhetoric and that country's reality. "

Coming from such a staunch supporter of anything Bush does, this is a slap in the face.


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