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Fischer is refreshing as True Grit

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills

Fischer is refreshing as True Grit

Published: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 1:11 AM CDT
Greg Awtry, News-Times Publisher

Are you as upset with Washington politics as I am?

Chances are, you are! The latest Gallup poll says only 13 percent of Americans approve of Congress these days. This ties the lowest rating on record.

Could it be we have had enough partisanship? Could it be we have had it up to here with career politicians more concerned about winning elections than doing what's best for our country?

Could it be you think they are simply out of touch and don't listen to us anymore? How about, “All of the above!”

Here's a thought. Instead of electing the best campaigner, who is skilled at nothing else but doing whatever is necessary to keep his job, let's elect someone who could actually be good at DOING the job!

This past week, we had someone in the York News-Times office that actually might be good in the role of a United States Senator. Here is a brief overview of this candidate:

• Realizes the two most pressing issues are the national debt and the dismal economy.

• Actually listens and responds to what Nebraskans say and want.

• Thinks long-term, not in short-term election cycles.

• Is a rancher and businessperson first, a politician second.

• Is as upset with Washington as you and me.

• Says spending more than we take in is absolutely ridiculous, and is in favor of a balanced budget.

• Believes government has a role, but should be a limited role, concentrating on government's fundamental responsibilities.

• Believes the Tea Party woke Americans up, helping us see the fiscal disaster that awaits us all if we don't change the course of the nation.

• Is upset that Senator Ben Nelson has voted against the will of Nebraskans too often and that he has disappointed too many Nebraskans.

• Does not engage in negative campaigning.

• Believes the United states has a sovereign duty to protect our borders.

• Says Medicare and Social Security need to be fixed for the long term so we can keep the nation's promise to its citizens.

• And most importantly, this candidate believes in being truthful with Nebraskans.

Like what you see? I do, and although the primary election isn't until next May, I would highly recommend that you get to know this candidate. Her name is Deb Fischer.

She is a state senator from the Valentine area.

My perception is that she is one tough cookie, that she will not bend when it comes to her values, but understands that politics is often times a compromise and one must pick and choose the battles in order to win the war.

Deb Fischer, in her own words, is a “mother, a wife, a rancher, a small business owner, I'm from rural Nebraska and it's time for change in our nation.

It can be done, by taking our Nebraska values to Washington.”

You may think, “Oh these are just more words from a politician. They all say that.”

Well, times are changing. Candidates are changing too, if only because they live among us and not in some egocentric bubble in D.C. I have heard these words before too, but my sense is that this Deb Fischer is different and refreshing.

I said she is one tough cookie, but she says it best when asked about political attacks, “I'm no one's punching bag. I'm a rancher from Cherry County and I'll stand up against that. We need to stay focused on the issues. I won't give you platitudes. Voters need to be listened to and we need to have a conversation about the issues facing this country.”

Hey, it's time Ben Nelson stops being part of the problem and it's time to send a new person to Washington to represent Nebraskans.

We are tired of Nelson's claim he balanced eight Nebraska budgets in a row (He had to, it's in our state constitution) while under his watch in Washington, the federal debt has grown from $5 trillion to nearly $15 trillion.

I think Deb Fischer may be just what Washington needs; although I am not too sure they can handle her. Remember, she's a rancher from the Sandhills of Nebraska, and she has true grit.


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Feb 12, 2007
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The Dark Side
Soap, ANYBODY would be better than E. Benjamin Nelson in Washington, but AG Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg don't qualify as anybody in my book. This year is among the worst when it comes to Republican Senatorial candidates. I will certainly give Deb a closer going over.

These jabronies who have jobs in state government and want to get to DC really gravel my butt.

Thanks for the heads up! :tiphat:

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