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Apr 6, 2005
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Brian Wilson was on Special Report with Brit Hume last night to address some of the "Bush lied" claims being made by Democrats. The first Democrat featured in Wilson's report was Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Reid recently said that his vote for using military force to remove Saddam was based " ... on a number of things. Yellowcake. Aluminum tubes. Secret meetings by Iraqi agents in Europe. Training facilities in Iraq training terrorists."
Let's see, that seems to be at odds with what Harry Reid said on March 17, 2003. On that date Reid said "I agree with - and have long supported - the ultimate goal of disarming Saddam Hussein. Removing this despicable tyrant from power will make the world a safer place." Hmmmmm .... no mention of yellowcake, aluminum tubes or terrorist training. He just said that the world would be a safer place with Saddam out of power. Anti-Saddam then. Pro-Saddam now. Guess he wants it both ways, wait he just wants the hate Bush Agenda to succeed, the US be damned.

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