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Feb 10, 2005
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For the last week we have had well above freezing temps and this has caused our snowpack to melt quickly. There are numerous roads that had water going over them. My cattle are on an island. Can hardly get to them for water. And to think they are calling for more rain!
I would come help you, BUT I don't own a pair of overshoes. 74 degrees here now and dry.
Is it real dry down your way? We ve got tremendous amounts of moisture. Wish i could help you out. Maybe we could send you some rain clouds down on the backs of some UTM steers. :lol:

We ve had to break out the high top rubber boots. Last year it was so wet here I wore out one pair of rubber boots! :lol:
Beats what we have. The blizzard we've had for the past 24+ hours may finally be over. There's at least a foot of new snow, but it's hard to tell with the four foot drifts by the door...but it's suppposed to get up to 15C by Tuesday, so we'll soon be in flood situation here too.

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