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Full interview with Temple Grandin on C Stampede Animal Care

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Some of her observations have applicability far beyond the immediate situation - i.e. selecting for a single trait. Think about that in a business setting.
Yes burnt, singular focus comes back to bit us every time in every situation be it business, genetics or even education. I know several folks with Phd's that can hardly function outside their area of expertise. Good for the Stampede board for taking the lead in research and education.
Thanks for posting this. I was talking about her the other day and we couldnt remember her name.
She needs to be heard by mainstream......
She did a great job with the questions. I wonder if all the reporters knew Temple is autistic? I thought one of them was working pretty hard to get TG to say something against the handling of animals, or the use of them for rodeo, etc. I do not believe TG can be manipulated into saying something she does not believe or mean!

We have heard her many times. The SD Cattlemen have her as a speaker occasionally, and she is at most NCBA conventions either as a program speaker or in a booth or demonstration in the trade show and is very well attended. She earned her credibility. She is interesting to visit with, too. Her memory is fantastic.


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