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Fun Day

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Feb 10, 2005
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N.E. Oregon
Thomas Angus Ranch had their fall bull/female yesterday. Our Cattlewomen's group does the breakfast and lunch at it. My nieghbor and I spent the day there. We had way too much help so spent most of the day visiting :) Saw lot's of local people that I don't get to see very much. And several friends from Idaho. Even saw a very good friend of my aunt (the one who passed away this summer at 82) from Montana. I had only met her briefly at the funeral (my aunt always talked about her so I always felt like I knew her), I kept looking at her wondering if that was her but wasn't sure. Was getting my courage up to go ask her and she disappeared...I was eating with my neighbors and she came up to me and we had a nice visit!

The top selling bull went for $30,000.00 :shock: to Select Sires. They sold fall yrlg bulls, spring bull calves, fall 2 yr old pairs, and bred heifers (that I know of. Bet they have a huge average.
That's fantastic. Neighbours often get lost when life gets going too fast.

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