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funny doggie joke

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montana cowgurl

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Mar 26, 2005
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out there
**warning:do not try reading this out loud, as you will be completely tongue tied after the first 3 sentences :wink:

there once was a perfect littel girl. she wore perfect little dresses that fit her perfectly and perfect little shoes to match. she had a perfect smile with perfect teeth. she wore her hair in perfect curls and had perfect bangs. her room was perfect,too, with a perfect bed and perfect view. she ate perfect toast and drank perfect orange juice every morning. her parents' friends were always commenting on how perfect she was. in school, she always got perfect grades and had a perfectly neat desk. she only made friends with the other little perfect kids. one day, she was out walking when she saw the most perfect puppy on the other side of the street. she thought, i must have that perfect little puppy.it will match my perfect dress that fits me perfectly, my perfect little shoes, my perfect smile, my perfect teeth, my perfect curls, and my perfect bangs. that puppy would be perfect in my perfect room with my perfect bed and my perfect view. it can eat my perfect toast and drink my perfect orange juice with me in the mornings. my parents' friends will all say how perfect my puppy is. it can come to school and sit by my perfect desk, and all my perfect friends will pet it.

the perfect little girl ran across the street to get the perfect puppy, and got hit by a car.

what's the moral of the story?

*look both ways before crossing the street* :lol: :clap:

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