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Glenn Beck and family travel to Auschwitz

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains

Glenn's words:
"I knew that this day was going to be tough. But other than close, personal tragedies we've experienced in our own lives, our day at Auschwitz is hands down the most emotionally difficult thing I've ever experienced. If you have been here you know that you will never experience anything like it in your life. Never. I was prepared for something horrifying – but now I know there is nothing that could ever adequately prepare you for this place…"

Here is one of the comments:

I hope to someday take the trek to Israel, and possibly Auschwitz, and the one in Munich ( I cannot think of its name - I just become so emotionally drained when I think about the concentration camps, and it makes me unable to think adequately for a bit ). These photos are very touching, and I felt the need to cry about them.The tremendous suffering of Gods chosen ones is astonishing to most people. It is hard to imagine that there are people who actually deny that the holocaust even happened! Dachau! That is the name of that terrible place. I remember seeing footage somewhere that tells us of how the people who lived right there in the some neighborhood who stated that they knew nothing about what was happening were marched into dachau by then- General Eisenhowers troops (our wonderful soldiers) then forced to witness and reckon with just EXACTLY what happened there .I cannot speak for what was going through their minds at that time, as a human being one can but imagine. The reason that Eisenhower did this is probably because of obvious reasons, and to also have as many people witness the horror as possible. Because he most likely knew that it was going to be hard for many people to believe it really happened. Eisenhower probably knew even then, that someday it would be questioned. There is so much documentation from actual witnesses, and photos around that it cannot be denied, but of course there are still those who do deny. Lets never forget ! Let us remember always, and make sure that our children remember ! It would be disrespectfulto not to make sure to keep the history alive.

And another comment:
My dad was a medical officer who arrived at Dachau on the second day after liberation. He never spoke of it other than in response to questions, but he took pictures. The cattle cars full of corpses were real.

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