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Good neighbors, what a blessing!

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Jun 3, 2011
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Western Illinois
Tuesday night while I was doing my evening chores, I felt something "pop" in my left foot. The pain was extreme, to the point of almost passing out. I spent Wednesday at the VA finding out I have a dislocated bone in the arch of my left foot. The Doc thinks it will go back in with the taking of some high powered anti-inflammatory pills, but insists I stay off it for a week. The Doctor couldn't understand why I laughed when he said that. I explained that ranches/farms don't run themselves. Well, when the neighbors found out what was going on they started showing up in force. All the chores are getting done and even a few projects I had on the burner. Over the years I've come to appreciate my neighbors and try hard to be one too. It's always a little humbling to realize just how good a neighbors you have when you really need them-one of the best parts of living in farm/ranch country.
Hope you feel better soon. Being laid up is usually worse mentally than physically.
They say, "You don't miss the water until the well goes dry" maybe it is the same with neighbors, You don't appreciate them until there is a need. Most times there is someone there to help.

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