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Good Sunday Mornin'

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Sep 25, 2006
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Eastern Colorado
How do you tell the middle of a drought from the end, or, God forbid, the early part? Waiting on Spring? And waiting? And waiting? When will the snow go? When will the fields dry out? In our country, you can depend on the fact that they will! Locally, a weirdo made the news about the rapture coming on May 21st :roll: . I was going to brand calves that day, but I guess I need not worry about that :wink: . We do know that the Lord will return, and it could be any day, but if Jesus doesn't know the exact time, I wonder how this "preacher" found out :???: ? The truth is that the Lord will return, and it is awfully easy to get the attitude that it probably won't be today or May 21st. We need to make plans for the day, but be ready in the twinkle of an eye. His return will be "as a thief in the night." When it happens, it will be an expected event at an unexpected time, but rest assured it will come, and it could be anytime. Are you ready? Have a good Sunday Mornin' and a great week to follow.
Oh Shortgrass how fitting for me!! I learned Mother's Day he will come in a blink of an eye for all. I had a heart attack and coded at a large hospital on Mothers Day. God directed us to not stop at a small hospital where they didn't have the things we would need. I died but was brought back. Outcome should have been bad but God performed a miracle that day with no residual heart damage. He will come sooner than we fathom and we all better be ready.
It is very easy to get complacent thanks for he reminder. I have always said if someone "predicts" the coming I KNOW God will NOT come on that day.

Feeder sending prayers of Thanksgiving. Take care of yourself and do what the Drs tell you to.
Feeder, we are happy you are still with us and God still has plans for you here!

I went in to visit my caridioligist this week and got my quarterly checkup done on my pacemaker. The pacemaker tech gal always goes through the same proceedure. She doesn't always give me a heads up, but I know the routine. I can tell when she turns the thing up. I can tell even more so when she turns the thing down! She checks every time, but my heart will not run at all on its own without the pacer.

I'm completely dependent on this little computer gadget functioning correctly. It certainly makes me more aware that our time in this world is limited, and we should always be prepared for the next.
Feeder, I am glad that you are here to share your story with us. Our local Brand Inspector went in Friday with chest pains, and by evening had triple bypass surgery. He is supposed to be out of ICU this morning, but as you say, we need to be ready because we just never know.

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