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Good Sunday Mornin'

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Sep 25, 2006
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Eastern Colorado
I still keep my own replacements. I agree that you can buy them cheaper, but I cannot find what suits me, so I hand pick the best heifer calves out of the most productive, low maintaince mothers to carry on with reproduction on this ranch. I have watched certain heifers grow from birth, selected them, saved them, spent time feeding and providing all the nutrients they need to become good cows as well as just handling them so we become used to each other, and they know what I expect of them. Soon I will place a select bull with them, and I shall wait to see if they are indeed fruitful. You could say that these replacement heifers are sanctified. They have been set aside for a special purpose. In John 17, the Lord prays that the Father would "sanctify," or set aside for a special purpose, the eleven loyal disciples; He also has set us apart for a use much as I have set aside my heifers. He wants us to reproduce other believers. The eleven disciples built the early church. We continue to build His church on the foundation which they and those who have gone before us have laid, Christ being the chief corner stone. He has a purpose for us. Are we being successful at what Christ intends for us to accomplish? One thing we should all fear is being very successful at something that really doesn't matter. Some food for thought this week. Have a good Sunday mornin', and a good week to go with it.
I think that one will stick in my mind for quite a while Shortgrass. Excellent insight and application. Probably the clearest analogy I have ever seen for that word.
Thanks, Shortgrass, for another thought provoking and insightful message. As burnt responded, that is quite a clear analogy for the word "sanctified." God has once again used you well in delivering meaning that us old cowpokes can understand.

God has provided a beautiful day here in the Sandhills--64 degrees, sunshine, and a light breeze out of the southeast. The grass is green and growing, and it's fun to be alive. :)

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