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Good Sunday mornin'

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Sep 25, 2006
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Eastern Colorado
We were about to sit down to supper at a friend's house tonight, when a fire call came in. We dropped everything and immediately left to fight fire. You don't just let it go until after supper, or it may be too late. That is not the way to deal with fire. The fire was set by dry lightning, and had rapidly covered 50 or so acres. Unlike the fire in Arizona, it was readily contained, and then extinguished. What a great feeling to have the fire quenched. The Lord warns us that Hell is a real place, and the fire shall never be quenched, and all who reject him shall be cast into it. Not a very pleasant thought, and if we just ignore it, nothing changes. Hell is still real, and we really need to deal with the Lord immediately (remember that fire must be dealt with immediately!). Tomorrow may well be too late. Jesus died to pay for our sins, we must turn from our sin and humbly accept His gracious payment. The idea of just doing the best we can, knowing that it is better than some others will not cut it. No one is good enough to deserve Heaven. Only by His grace and mercy will anyone see Christ. It is not His way or the highway; it is His way or the fire. If that seems harsh, it just the facts. Have a good Sunday mornin'. Live this week for Him who died for us.
Shortgrass, you have a great way of saying a whole lot in very few words. God has always spoken in parables, and He continues to do that through you. Thank you for your faithfulness.

It is reassuring to know that God loves us all enough to provide a way that we don't have to suffer eternal fire.

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