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Good Sunday Mornin'

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Sep 25, 2006
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Eastern Colorado
Have you ever had an early breakfast on a cold day and then worked outside until 1 or 1:30? When you come in for lunch do want a half a sandwich? Or perhaps been out on a hot day for a couple of hours and its time for a drink of water so you ask for 3 oz of Ice tea? Perhaps you are in a prolonged drought, when finally a cloud delivers some rain. A half inch falls, so you hope it quits so you can dry out again? No, you want plenty of rain. You want the ground saturated - deep moisture. Or its muddy up to your boot tops, and you need to be in the field. You get a day of hot sun, so you hope it rains again tomorrow. No, you want plenty of sun until the fields are dry enough to work. Yet, we read a couple of verses from the Bible, and go about the every day business of living with little thought given to the things of the Lord until a day or two later, when we read a couple of more verses. No wonder we find ourselves spiritually anemic. I am ashamed to say that all too often that describes me. I need to work harder at feeding myself enough to flourish in my walk with God. A verse or two is good, allright, but its just not enough. Yeah, thats it! I just need to work at it. Have yourselve a good Sunday mornin'.
Good point Shortgrass. Our physical bodies will suffer and can't perform properly if we neglect our basic nutritional requirements of food. Same goes for our souls if we neglect to satisfy our spiritual hunger.

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