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Grasslands Reserve Program

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sdsu rancher

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Mar 14, 2005
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Lowry, SD
I'm doing a term paper on the Grasslands Reserve Program for my Ag Policy class and would like some input from landowners who have participated in it. I have read what the NRCS website has, but I would like to find out how producers are feeling about it. It hasn't been implemented in my county so I don't have anyone at home to talk to. Thanks for your help.
I'm a December 2001 South Dakota State University graduate myself, and I now live in Midland, Texas and I work for the Natural Resources Conservation Service. I actually work in Odessa, Texas, but live in Midland, Texas...anyway. South Dakota is home to me since I grew up on a family ranch in north central about 30 miles South East of Eagle Butte. The grasslands reserves program has only been statewide in south dakota i believe one year, and now has been limited to I believe 4 counties. I know some of the people in South Dakota that have gotten funded on it. The grasslands reserve program is good for landowners in the sense that they don't have to really change up their operation that much, if any. They can still do the basics of ranching on it, with the exception of farming the ground or building anything not benificial to the imediate ranching operation. Here in Texas there are several big ranches that were funded and they chose the permanent easement contract. As far as what "Cal" wrote about what the tax payers think.....well, I can tell you the government does a lot worse on spending its money that the tax payers should be concerned about. The grasslands reserves program seems like a futil effort to many, but every program we have with the NRCS in some way benefits the conservation of the land. Wow.....I'm not even at work and I sound like a die hard NRCS person. Well they pay my bills so I have to be nice....right? Anyway i haven't helped you at all as far as your paper or whatever...i've just rambled. I miss Chevy's in Brookings!! lol Take care
Well isn't that special, another really really vital government confiscatory program? I'm positive everything would just blow away without it.

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