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great site

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Looks like a good website, Jinglebob. Recently I was out in a Colorado mountain town, and stopped by a western store that was going out of business. The nice couple that owned the store had taken a ranch job in southern Montana, and their boots and other supplies were on sale at half price. A few books were on display, and I asked if any of them were for sale. They said they were. I ended up buying a nifty book entitled VAQUEROS AND BUCKAROOS by Arnold Rojas, copyright 1979, second edition 1981. It sure has some interesting California style ranching stories, along the same line as the website you posted. This book also has a multitude of old-time photos of great interest.

Another book that I ended up buying was Bruce Grant's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RAWHIDE AND LEATHER BRAIDING. It shows and tells how to make many pretty braids, knots and different kinds of cowboy gear. A pair of half-price Honcho boots and a stylish hand-braided rawhide quirt rounded out my purchases.
My copy of Bruce Grant's encyclopidia is worn reaaalll bad. I used to tie lots of knots wih leather and rawhide. Wish I had gotten to the Rojas book before you did. There a lot of good books out there and I've picked up most, but some of them are pretty pricey. Why don't you come up and ride to Medora with me? Yvonne might be going along. We might have more fun than we ought to! :lol:

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