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Hannity should be ashamed of himself

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Feb 10, 2005
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He was doing a piece on Traydon Martin shooting and how the media is covering it.

He had a reporter in Florida that is covering the story on saying that Zimmerman was getting back into his vehicle when Trayvon came back around his vehilce and attacked him, beating him and slamming his head into the ground which an eye witness verified. When Hannity said Zimmerman should not have confronted Trayvon. Zimmerman's friend corrected him by telling him he stopped following him when the 911 operator told him to, and there was no evidence to point to anything else.

Then Hannity followed up with two other guys saying Zimmerman was wrong for pursuiting Trayvon after the 911 operator told him not to. Hannity did not correct the guys. He had just been told Zimmerman was getting back into his vehicle when he was attack and he allowed the next two to continue spreading the false story. So what does that say about how he as part of the medai is covering the story. :roll:

Zimmerman's friend also commented on the fact it was not right that the media including Hannity is using an old picture of Trayvon that makes him look much younger than he was. Which I totally agree with. If the Media was using an up to date picture of Trayvon I have to wonder if the reaction would be the same.

The media is playing right into Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and every other ambulance chasing attention hungry Civil Rights activist hands. First they claim Zimmerman is WHITE and anyone with eyes can see he is as much white as Obama is and then they use a picture that distorts the truth about the victim's age. And if that is not bad enough they chose to ignore the facts with eye witness verification for a much juicier false story put out by the attention hungry vigilanties. SICK TRULY SICK.

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