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Hanoi Jane Comes Clean

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Feb 14, 2005
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Neal Boortz

The former Mrs. Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, has come out with a new book. She is making the rounds doing publicity...and she has given an interview to '60 Minutes' that will air this Sunday. In it, she admits (sort of) that she was wrong to go to North Vietnam and visit an anti-aircraft gun site used to shoot down U.S. pilots. Well isn't that nice....but she's a bit late, don't you think?

Fonda says that her trip to the gun site some 33 years ago was a "betrayal" of the U.S. military, its soldiers and "the country that gave me privilege." She calls the picture of her sitting on the enemy gun barrel the largest lapse of judgment she can imagine. Really. So what about the whole decision to visit North Vietnam in the first place? She won't apologize for that. No, Hanoi Jane will only apologize for posing for pictures with enemy weaponry. She won't apologize for being photographed with American POWs, nor will she apologize for going on Radio Hanoi and being a propaganda mouthpiece for the Viet Cong.

Jane Fonda gave aid and comfort to the enemy of the United States during a time of war. We used to call that treason, and there are people sitting in prison for it. Somehow, Jane Fonda got away with it...and now she wants us all to relieve her of her guilty conscience.
Cal, Neal Boortz is a little off the standard of your usual readings.

I saw Ms Fonda advertising her interview with Bwarbwa, and wondered if they'd broach the subject of Fonda turning over notes from POWs and their subsequent torture. Without this coverage, the interview is a PR con.
can only speak for my neckof the woods, but "ms fonda" is not very welcome around here....too may vets, former pows and just plain regular folk who do not like someone who turns on their own!!!

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