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Happy Easter!

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Feb 10, 2005
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N.E. Oregon
Happy Easter everyone,
It's drizzling here, hopefully will keep it up for awhile. Has only been getting into the low 40's since our last rain so grass is on hold. It's supposed to warm up a bit this week, we'd like to turn out next weekend after branding. We're about out of hay so hope the grass gets in gear.
We're off to church, maybe the bluebirds will be there :) . Hope you all have a nice day :!:
FH - how was your trip, and how isyour dad doing?
Happy Easter! It is a perfect day here in central KS-no wind SUNSHINE, and near 60. The cows and calves forgot what the sun was and are thourghly enjoying the day. We are having a small Easter dinner this eve and so I have a sirloin tip roast and Ham(for husband) in the oven. Just out checking the last few to calf and one new one up and having his first meal-God could not have made a more beautiful site than that!!
Hope everyone had a Happy Easter, it was a beautiful day here a little wind but made it to 62 enjoyed the day with the wife, fed the cows and watched the little ones play while strawing down the shed then off to my sister's for dinner with them and the folks had a very nice time of it.
Just gotta tell this story cause I am still laughing two days later. Our grandson was here for Easter dinner. He is two, comes into the house and it looks like we had a tornado. We made sure he had lots of jelly beans and chocolate eggs. When he first gets here, he puts on a straw cowboy hat, gets his stick horse out, gets his little rope out and runs around the house a few times, well maybe quite a few times with the added sugar, runs around yelling "git em up cowboy". While waiting for the turkey to get done, he forgot about his new bunny rabbit that he left laying on the floor amongst the rest of the toys. I picked up his rope, roped the bunny, and started running down the hall. This is after he and I had already ran up and down the hall playing hide and seek a few times, plus jelly bean breaks, when he saw his new bunny bouncing around at the end of a rope, he went bananas!! "Don't hurt him, don't hurt him, my bunny, don't hurt him", he grabbed the bunny and got on the chair cuddling him. "don't hurt him, my bunny leave him alone!!" this is all in two year old talk, I was laughing so hard I could not make out the rest of his babbling. He would not let me get close to the bunny for the rest of the day, till after dinner and he forgot. I woped the wabbit again, this time he almost started crying because he was done for the day so I quit, after three or four "DON"T HURT HIMS" again. This is the best thing about grandkids, PAYBACKS!!! :lol: :lol:
Reader (the second),
I'm not sure what is going on with the turkey thing, it wasn't my idea. Maybe it was because we had prime rib after pregging cows or something different for a change. Who knows, that is a great way to cook a bird. We have a couple hundred wild turkeys running around here to the point they can be a pain, maybe someone was having evil thoughts, and it was payback time for the wild ones' cousins or something :evil:

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