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Happy Memorial Day

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leanin' H

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Nov 8, 2007
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Western Utah Desert
To all those who have served and especially those who gave their lives, in defense of our country, I send my utmost gratitude and love. May we all remember the sacrifices made so that we might live free. And May God bless us all to continue to have the blessing of freedom.


leanin' H

Well-known member
Nov 8, 2007
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Western Utah Desert
Wrote this one this stormy Sunday morning. Thought I’d share it with y’all.


Sunday morning came with clouds
And it came with a stiff north breeze.
My flag is whipping on the pole
And the leaves are rustling in the trees.

It’s Memorial Day tomorrow
And I sure love that sacred day.
It’s a time to honor hero’s
And bow our heads and pray.

To remember those, who sacrificed,
Their blood and some, their lives.
Who faced all kinds of horror and
They did not shut their eyes.

They had to have been terrified
But still ran into the fight.
They stood face to face with evil
And vanquished darkness with their light.

How can we ever quantify
What we owe to each of them?
How is it possible to honor
And revere, such magnificent, selfless men?

We live with all our blessings,
Our freedom, our liberty.
While they lay in graves, on distant shores,
And from sea to shining sea.

It’s our duty to remember,
And to never, ever, forget.
That they laid down their lives for us,
And that’s the greatest gift to get.

All we have, all we see, and all we’ll ever be,
We owe, to those who fell in war,
For the cause of liberty.

So each and every Memorial Day
We all best bow our head.
And give heartfelt thanks for those great men,
And honor those sacred dead.

One cowboy on the desert
Gives his thanks with all his heart.
For your service to our nation,
And for giving the greatest part.

You will never be forgotten,
As long as good men roam.
We will always remember you,
Until we get our own call home.

And there I’ll find each one of you
And look you in the eye,
I owe you more than I could ever repay,
But, boys, I plan to try.

By living life the best I can,
By being honest, fair and true.
I honor y’all on this Memorial Day
Thanks so much,
every, single, one of you!

Darrell Holden
May 2022

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