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Has Dis been kidnapped by Islamic terrorists?

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Feb 14, 2005
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Southern SD
Friday -- December 2, 2005
Neal Boortz

By now you must know that a group of so-called "peacemakers" have been abducted by Islamic terrorists in Iraq. The abducted "peacemakers" were part of a group called Christian Peacemaker Teams. Their own website makes it clear that they are a hard left-leaning organization. Now four of their members are being held by Islamic jihadists.

So ... are these peacemakers upset with the Islamic terrorists who have taken their compatriots hostage? Well, as a matter of fact, no ... they're not. They're upset with the United States. Islam has a definite and stated course of action when it comes to Christians (non-believers). They are either to be converted, subjugated and taxed, or killed. Well, these particular non-believers have now been captured and are being held hostage. That would be the subjugation part. Will they be killed? Will they convert? Of course it is possible they could be released if the Islamists determine that would be in the best interests of the jihad. But the peacemakers don't seem to have any problem at all with the Islamic radicals who have captured them. They're upset with .... why the United States, of course! Here's a statement that the Christian Peacemaker Teams released:

"We are angry because what has happened to our teammates is the result of the actions of the US and UK governments due to the illegal attack on Iraq and the continuing occupation and oppression of its people."

Tell me, just how is one supposed to deal with or interact with intellect of this nature? These are people who have stood by Palestinian terrorists and who condemn the oppression of the U.S. Border Patrol agents who try to keep our borders secure. Now they're solidly on the side of the insurgency in Iraq. This is the intellect of the left. All that is bad that is happening in the Middle East, and in the world, is the fault of the evil United States. Our attempts to bring the rule of law and a popularly elected government to the people of Iraq constitutes oppression and occupation. Our attempts to secure our borders amount to nothing more than oppression of poor Mexicans. Sure, these people have the right to be lunatics ... but where is it written that we have to treat them as worthy of serious consideration? They're lunatics. Let's recognize them as such.


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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
left-leaning organization


Would someone please E-mail them and tell them they are not just leaning they have fallen off the left coast, and are now inverted, soon to be converted, (or if all else fails, BeHeaded).........................


Wouldn't that be just awful? I mean if Dis had really been kidnapped by Islamic terrorists?

"But, pleeeeeeease don't behead me! I hate Bush, too! Can't you see? I'm on your side!"

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