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Hay Maker....

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Feb 13, 2005
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That song reminds me of the time i was working around Laredo and me and a couple hands decided to got to town early.
I wanted to go to piano bar across from the railroad station and have a few shots of whiskey most the beer joints were just that, they did'nt sell whiskey.
So anyway we get to this piano bar and started socializin and after a few I started noticing the bar lady was good lookin as a matter of fact after i got my mind off cattle, horses and fences she started lookin better .
So her and i got to talkin and someone ordered another round, thats when i noticed the life size painting behind the bar had a very very good resemblance to the lady bar keep.
Did i mention the Lady in the painting was naked ?
So the lady comes back with our drinks and i said say is that your potrait, and she smiles and says yes it is, BY Gawd now I am interested anyway to make a long story short she was going to show us the right places to go in Mexico when she got off at 2AM, hell by 6PM we were pretty well plowed and lookin for a faster paced place.
I told my 2 compadres lets head south and they looked at me funny and said aint you gonna wait for hetr to get off work, I said nope boys where we are going she will be just a distant memory, anyway next day we were talkin about it and one of the hands said i bet your head hurts after all that whiskey you had we were counting the Carta Blanca's and you drank 52 of them skinny meskin beers................those were the good ole days.
good luck

PS This song reminds me of an old friend long gone.....


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Feb 22, 2008
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west chilcotin bc
Knew a couple of ol' boys like that when I was a kid.

Here is a Garth Brooks song that I've looked for since we got the computer. This guy does a fair job with it.


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