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HAYMAKER, don't quit your UFO abduction insurance yet...

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Bull Burger

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Feb 14, 2005
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Fruited Plains of western SD
You may be a Liberal if …

You believe "Captive Supply", is a military phrase.
You think, the U.S. needs a sign on the Texas-Mexico border that reads, "Watch for police batons & hungry corrientes next 50 miles."
You want Congress to buy a condom for the Virgin Islands.
You think talk radio is nothing but hate speech and you'll kill anyone who disagrees, except Howard Lyman.
You know the media doesn't have a liberal bias and anyone that thinks so is a hate mongering anti-government extremist.
You think Ross Perot would make a good R-CALF president if he had more hair and less ears so a hat would fit.
You want anything but capitalism, individualism and free market principles taught in public schools.
You believe the Canadians exported and sold the Liberty Bell to the Taco Bell Corporation and didn't pay the checkoff.
You think every NCBA president is the anti-Christ.
You've served on the jury in Pickett vs. IBP and don't think orphans should be convicted for killing their parents.
You believe Mike Callicrate "didn't inhale" - or did. Hell, if you believe Mike Callicrate about anything.

MR. BULL BURGER ,you are a funny man some of these words of wit describe a big dumb canuckle head from Big Beaver.I know for a fact he believes captive supply is a form of CANADIAN SOCIALISM...........good luck

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