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Here is website explaining health-care waivers.

This is funny, as my insurance has gone up over 40% in the last three years. Where is the affordability? And I would shop elsewhere but there is still pre exhisting conditions. They call it something new now. My wife just found this out.
My insurance rate has actually decreased since the first of the year.
Mine hasnt increased BUT what they cover is changing.
Awwwww here is the Change obama promised me.............. :shock: :?
Mike said:
TSR said:
My insurance rate has actually decreased since the first of the year.

I'm throwing the BS flag.......................

And well you should :wink:

I have been marveling at the concept of healthcare waivers lately. The Democrats want universal healthcare and then they give waivers to it. Does that make sense? Apparently they are so crooked they can't help but shoot themselves in the foot.

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