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Heaven,and the spiritual rebirth

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Jan 3, 2010
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His spurs jingled---as he stepped into the bar
his face was weathered---as he traveled afar
he liked his scotch---and ladies of the night
at the drop of a hat---he was ready to fight

the law was explained---very plain and clear
obey our rules---or your life you will fear
don't smoke our last cigarette---don't drink our last beer
don't mess with our wife---and you're welcome here

then a cowboy dressed in white---entered the scene
He was sent from Heaven---to speak to the mean
you must forgive---as you are forgiven
and repent from your sins---if you want to keep on live'n

life ain't easy ---here on earth
but there is a Heaven---and a spiritual rebirth
it is a choice---the decision is yours
a cowboy was reborn---as he left thru the doors.

written by Richard
John 3:3

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