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Hey sw

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sw, I thought I would let you know that there was a picture of you in the Rapid City Journal today. It was taken in NY from the Provider Pals that you are associated with. It must have been a promotional picture. They are evidently hosting one in Rapid in the near future.

Good Work.


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Feb 14, 2005
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As long as it did not say WANTED under it it must be a good thing. This thing is getting so big now I'm not sure which cities we are in, used to be 8 schools that I could name, now I can't even keep up. MsSage is getting us into N. Carolina, we have Vancouver B.C., Seattle, Florida, even Hawaii going now. I am going to Little Rock (I'll tell Bill hi for you all) and they asked me if I would do double duty and go to two places this year. I hope that I can go see MsSage. I also know where I can find more ranch providers when we need them :wink:

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