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Home again!

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Feb 21, 2005
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Got home Saturday night. We were gone 21 days and only saw the sun the last five days of the trip, except for the very last day driving home from Omaha! Temperatures were pretty good, think 50% was lowest till we got to Omaha. Lots of fog and mist along the Gulf Coast and TX and MS, but that was OK as that is my kind of weather!

NCBA convention was great! Think attendance was record high, but didn't see the final numbers.Now just have to decipher my notes to see what I learned in the workshops! Annual meeting was smooth. Most discussion was in committee and Resolutions carried during general session.

Decided to visit a relative at Kingsville, TX, so took a brief tour of the King Ranch. Looks like a good operation. We like a lot of what they are doing now, and their cows, both Santa Gertrudis and Santa Cruz look good and practical for their part of the nation. Saw only a few of their good looking horses. No fancy working pens, etc. Didn't see the feedlot.

Visited relatives in TX, MS, MO, and NE and a friend in MO, so covered a lot of staying in touch and sightseeing in the two weeks we had enroute to and after the convention.

Go to dentist in the city tomorrow. Also get to meet the newest grandchild who was born on Ash Wednesday, and get to go back and babysit next Sunday. Kalli is first of the seven gkids I have not met really soon after they were born, which was a trial for this grandma! But, we will make up for lost time. The seven year old 'big sister' has been ill and unable to be close to 'her' new baby part of the time, so she is the one who has really suffered! Not to mention her parents in enforcing the rule.

Isn't it a bummer that it requires so much work to prepare to leave on vacation, and even more to catch up when one returns home?

Having to learn a new format on ranchers.net on top of that.....I need a vacation again!

Glad to see you back.Seen you were on a few times this moring but didn't see the post till now. Congrats on new grandchild!!!
Thanks, feeder.
The new baby is precious! Her big sister is really getting the hang of things. Says she can change a diaper. I get to go back Sunday to babysit in the evening.

The dentist didn't treat me too badly, except for the payment! We met an antique store owner who knows, and is related to, people in our area.....plus he has really neat stuff in his store, had time to do some things for the fun of it. The only bummer was that our car was making a "funny" noise.......which ended up costing a lot......four new tires, plus a few other things. The tires didn't appear bad, but steel was nearly exposed in the center of at least one. Guess we didn't watch them close enough. Could have had a bad blowout!

Congratulations on that new grand baby, MRJ! :clap: So much excitement in one little package!
Welcome back MRJ! I hope you had a great extended vacation traveling around the southern US. It would be nice to do that sometime. I bet you saw some really interested things and beautiful country. We've missed you in your travels though! And, congrats on the new grandkiddo-I bet you're proud as pie of her.

On missing old posters, has anyone seen or heard from GF???? I miss some of his postings-

Take care and again welcome back MRJ-glad to have you and your knowledge back on board!

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