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Horse swap poem

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Feb 14, 2005
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Western South Dakota
Horse Trade
Along a steep ol' mountain trail
two cowboys was ridin' one day
One feller was a younger man
while the other had turned plumb gray
They came to a fallen, decrepit corral
beside that rocky ol' trail
They stopped their horses to let them blow
the older man then told his tale

"Best ride I ever made in my whole life
I made at this very spot
And I traded horses that day, too
I was young and thought I was hot
I was ridin' to meet a cattle buyer
We was gonna' make us a gather
I'd been ridin so hard to meet this feller
that my horse was white with lather

The nag I'm ridin' he's sure no dandy
he's gentle but got no heart
he's rough ridin' and won't work cows at all
he should'a been pullin' a cart
When I meets up with that wise, old dad
he's sittin' on a good lookin horse
You could tell that ol' pony was makin' him nervous
he wouldn't bother me of course!

So I up and propisitions this dude
to try and make me a trade
He said he'd swap me, straight across
But he thought I might be afraid
He claimed his horse was bad to buck
If I could ride him we'd have us a deal
I grinned as we trotted to them fallen corrals
cuz' I knew that I'd made me a steal

Shoot, back then I could ride with the best
never met one that I wouldn't try
I figured to cheat this ol' feller real bad
If he'd trade, I was ready to buy
When I straddled his spine he jumped right out
He could hog and hop purty fair
But I'm smilin' and still perched there on top
when he decides to come up for some air

I told him it looked like we'd made a trade
He said, "No son, not just yet,
You gott'a take out yer' makin's and roll you a smoke,
before you can win this bet!"
So I rolled me a smoke and lit it right up
pinched it out when it bit my lip
he hollered out to, " Hook him, high!"
I did and we had a whole new trip!

I mean to tell you he chinned the moon!
Then he lit with a piledriver force
It felt like he'd split me right up the middle
I would'a screamed, but I went plumb hoarse
I'm a rattlin' around like dice in a cup
I tried to hook my spurs in his gut
He swapped ends so fast that the next thing I know
I'd spurred myself in the butt!

Miracles do happen cuz' I got him rode
just how, I'll sure never know
When he throws up his head, I'm still on top
But I'm a migrane from head to toe
Well I rode me a bronc and made me a trade
Should'a cut my throat with a knife
Cuz' he bucked worse than that, everytime I got on
Worst trade I ever made in my life!

"Jinglebob" 7/2004
with help from Jeri, Beth and DW!
From a story by GK Fraker at Sheridan, Wyo. about Ken Greaves' Dad
Well Jinglebob, great job about a great old cowboy.

We knew Norris Graves personally, know Kenny's wife very well, but don't know Kenny as he is younger. His wife, Sherri's folks were our neighbors for awhile and they had some of the best Red Angus cattle I have ever seen. They were the breeders of Galena and sold him to ABS years and years ago.

I have a good story about Norris. He was a tall, very thin, epitome of a cowboy (cuz he was one!! Make no mistake about that!) Buffalo, Wyoming hosts the Johnson County Fair and Rodeo every August, and it is a huge deal. Only Johnson County residents can enter the rodeo and there are so many participants I think they have gone to 5 performances plus slack!!! It is the grandest of times.

Well, one year, when Norris was about 70 years old, he went to the fair office to enter the rodeo. The secretary asked him if he wanted in the Old Men's Breakaway. Norris said, "Hell. NO. I'm here to enter the calf roping!" And he did. LOL!!! TRUE STORY!

Thanks for helping me remember Norris Graves once again!

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