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How about that Climate change in the UK and CA

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Apr 12, 2008
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real world
Anybody seeing a pattern? Environmentalists and Democrats create a problem, using taxpayer money to do so, then blame global warming, and then siphon off additional taxpayer money, that is directed to their cronies.

No wonder it flooded! Pictures of Somerset river from 1960s and today show how its width has halved after Environment Agency stopped dredging it regularly


California's Drought Isn't Due To Global Warming, But Politics

Following legislative action last month by Speaker John Boehner and California's Central Valley Representatives David Valadao, Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy, whose Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Emergency Water Delivery Act was designed to resolve the long-standing problem of environmental water cutbacks that have devastated America's richest farmland, Obama is grandstanding in California, too.

His aim, however, is not a long-term solution for California's now-constant water shortages that have hit its $45 billion agricultural industry, but to preach about global warming. Instead of blaming the man-made political causes of California's worst water shortage, he's come with $2 billion in "relief" that's nothing but a tired effort to divert attention from fellow Democrats' dereliction of duty in using the state's water infrastructure.

The one thing that will mitigate droughts in California — a permanent feature of the state — is to restore the water flow from California's water-heavy north to farmers in the central and south. That's just what House Bill 3964, which passed by a 229-191 vote last week, does.

But Obama's plan is not to get that worthy bill through the Senate (where Democrats are holding it up) but to shovel pork to environmental activists and their victims, insultingly offering out-of-work farmers a "summer meal plan" in his package.



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Feb 10, 2005
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Horror at the world's largest solar farm days after it opens as it is revealed panels are SCORCHING birds that fly over them
The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, the world's largest solar plant of its kind, recently switched on
The plants is located on five square miles of the Mojave Desert, near the California / Nevada border
State energy officials have released photos of bird with singed feathers from flying into the hot 'thermal flux' around the towers, which can reach 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit

The plant is made up of three generating units surrounded by more than 300,000 reflecting mirrors
At full power it produces enough electricity for 140,000 homes but is still attracting controversy over environment

Environmentalists have hit out at a giant new solar farm in the Mojave Desert as mounting evidence reveals birds flying through the extremely hot 'thermal flux' surrounding the towers are being scorched.

After years of regulatory tangles around the impact on desert wildlife, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System opened on Thursday but environmental groups say the nearly 350,000 gigantic mirrors are generating 1000 degree Fahrenheit temperatures which are killing and singeing birds.

According to compliance documents released by developer BrightSource Energy last year, dozens of birds were found injured at the site during the building stage.

State and federal regulators are currently conducting a two-year study of the Ivanpah plant's effects on birds, with environmental groups questioning the value of cleaner power when native wildlife is being killed or injured.

Environmentalist have Obama's ear over the Pipeline so will he listen to them on his green energy projects and put a hold on them until they can figure out a way to NO KILL THE WILDLIFE. :?
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2560494/Worlds-largest-solar-farm-SCORCHING-BIRDS-fly-it.html#ixzz2teSCI7xr
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