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How Nations And Societies Are Following The Tytler Cycle

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Oct 27, 2005
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Anyone who is a student of liberty and fan of freedom will be interested in a theory called the Tytler Cycle. The Tytler Cycle describes the ways that a society departs from enslavement and finally arrives at the point of freedom and prosperity.

The cycle works in a continuous circle, eventually leading back to enslavement. In the subsequent paragraphs, you will see why some Americans are suggesting that the US has neared the end of the prosperity and freedom part of the cycle and is a step away from the alarming enslavement point again.

About Alexander Tytler
You may not be familiar with the name Alexander Tytler. Tytler proved to be a Scottish historian. What makes him interesting is that he lived, researched, and wrote in the same years as the Founding Fathers of America.

Tytler created a theory that detailed a cycle that constantly repeated itself throughout history. He claimed to have learned that all different democratic societies evolved through this identical cycle time and time again. Tytler had many examples of this cycle from different nations throughout history. Unfortunately, practically all of his work became lost.

The Tytler Cycle Explained
The good news is that enough of Alexander Tytler’s work survived to understand his insightful and sobering theory. Tytler started out with the premise that all democracies go around in a circular cycle. This idea eventually became name for him. In each complete cycle, about two hundred years of time elapsed. A nation and society would start out in enslavement, or bondage as he called it.

The society and people who began in bondage would have little to no freedoms in the beginning. As the people lived in very difficult circumstances, they would finally turn towards religious or spiritual faith to help sustain them.

As a result of their belief in God and heaven as a comforting part of the afterlife, they would find the necessary courage to struggle for and finally attain their freedom. From freedom and its many inspiring benefits, the people and nation would obtain a great level of abundance in material possessions and wealth.

At this point, the positive side of the cycle would end and the negative side of the cycle would begin. In time, selfishness arose out of the material abundance. As people began to expect and to demand more for themselves and to focus less on the good of the whole country, they also became complacent and lazy. Laziness would lead to apathy and eventually dependence on others as a result. Finally, the dependent people would end up back in slavery and bondage.

The Tytler Cycle ran in the following order:

•Spiritual Faith
•Dependence~I feel we are here
•Then starting over with Bondage
The Periods in American History as they Relate to the Tytler Cycle
A look at the United States’ history would draw uncomfortable parallels with the Tytler Cycle. The country went from bondage and grew into spiritual faith in the 1760′s with the formation of the Sons of Liberty. From 1770 to 1783, it developed from this spiritual faith to admirable courage during the Revolutionary War.

The country achieved a long period of liberty that you saw climax from 1784 to 1865 with the end of the Civil War and freeing of the American slaves. The greatest period of national prosperity showed in the advance from this liberty to abundance phase that took place from 1866 to 1969. By many measurements, things in the United States have been in a static or declining state since the nineteen seventies began.

As one example, the government abandoned the dollar’s historic link to gold then. The nation has since witnessed a shocking decline of the dollar’s purchasing value against gold of from only $35 for an ounce in 1970 to over $1,400 for an ounce in 2010.

The Relevance of the Tytler Cycle to Present Day America
Some writers and observers in American society have become convinced that America is in the negative side of the cycle now, somewhere between selfishness and dependence. The evidence of this is all around you. How many more Americans right now are engaged in working the national system in order to get a free ride out of it than are trying to build up the country?

Alexander Tytler has sober words that could be applied to America today all too well. He said that democracies are temporary by nature. He did not believe that they would ever survive as enduring forms of government.

They could only exist until the point that the citizens discovered that they had the power to vote generous benefits to be given to themselves out of the public coffers and revenue. At that point, the voters would be certain to select the candidate that guaranteed the highest level of financial benefits from the treasury.

Tytler said that because of this, each and every democracy would eventually fall apart because of poor financial policy and weakened finances. Dictatorship and enslavement would always result after this.

This is an alarming assessment when it is applied to the present day situation in America. Americans have constantly voted for themselves bigger and better benefits over the last forty years. These have been financed by the Federal Reserve’s electronic printing press.

This works to support the country’s Ponzi schemes, such as Social Security and Medicare, where the early investors, or payers into the system, are paid off today with new contributions from you the worker. You are also promised that you will get the same payoff from tomorrow’s workers in the future.

The debt levels have risen to unsustainable levels of higher than fourteen trillion dollars and are not projected to be paid back or paid down at any foreseeable point. The country’s future has been mortgaged to keep the whole benefits system going, as one day the bill will come due for you and your children.

A Closer Examination of America’s Present Place in the Cycle
You may have been among the numerous Americans who have accused the present administration under President Obama and Congressional leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi of engaging in a never before seen in American history usurping of power. They have achieved this by spreading their socialistic political and world views throughout America against the majority’s will and by boosting the government’s spending drastically.

Today’s democratic party in power is by far and away the most radically socialist that you have seen run the country. Among their policies pursued before the mid term elections was to undo the welfare reform established in the 1990′s. This reform had been an attempt to reign in the runaway benefits that the citizens had voted for themselves in the past.

Besides this, Americans are consenting to more and more of their daily lives being taken over by the Federal government. This makes you more dependent on them with each passing day. The Federal government handles a greater and greater share of individual Americans’ responsibilities now than ever before.

There is hope that the cycle of decline can be reversed or maybe postponed. The recent mid term elections have at least given the country a more balanced government where the House is controlled by the opposition Republicans. This will finally prevent the citizens and leadership from voting themselves more bankrupting financial benefits, for now anyway.


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