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HOw US dependency on foreign oil/NG happens......

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Apr 12, 2008
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real world
So Palin approved a natural gas line through Canada few years, to transport NG to the rest of the US, a few years ago........but now TransCanada pipelines (the owners of the XL pipeline) is thinking they might just pipe it to the coast and ship it off to Asia......

It's too bad that obama is holding up business.....in the name of false Global Warming science.......
I visited with a man "in the field" so to speak. He brought up that
in the Bakken, a truck hauling oil is tipped over at least once a day
(remember, I'm repeating what I heard). So would the greenies
rather have a pipeline that is built to specs and carefully monitered
carrying oil, or carry oil in trucks that tip over??????

Greenies make no sense.........
Now with that missing Sidney school teacher there are getting to be a lot of NIMBY's around- that don't want the oil boom to come...

A lot of scared women running around....Two guys in custody...

A tragedy- but those things come with a boom and big population increase....
Yes oldtimer it is a shame, but what is even worse is YOUR using Sherry as a way to criticize and try to make a point of view

As of less than a hour as to what you claim has not been confirmed by any one but the press!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shame on you self serving POS

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