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Huckabee for VP?

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Feb 11, 2005
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Some Mitt Romney supporters are talking up former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee as a possible vice presidential running mate for the presumptive Republican nominee, according to the National Review Online.

Huckabee, a 2008 presidential candidate, is said to be under consideration by the Romney team, sources told National Review political writer Robert Costa.

"The conventional wisdom about Mitt Romney's vice-presidential short list, according to a handful of Romney insiders, may be wrong," Costa writes in a story posted Wednesday.

"Instead of picking a straitlaced Midwestern senator such as Ohio's Rob Portman, or an outspoken northeastern Republican governor such as Chris Christie, there is a chance Romney will tap an evangelical from the South," he writes.

But for now, Costa says, "it isn't clear whether Huckabee is going to be vetted, or that he's anywhere near Romney's short list."

However, some Republicans believe Huckabee, as Costa put it, "would help energize tea-party conservatives, evangelicals, and related voters who soured on Romney during the GOP primaries."

"He's also not a sweat-inducing pick, since he was vetted by the Beltway press during his presidential run four years ago," Costa noted.
Mike enjoying his fox gig, making a few bucks for the first time ever, and not having to put up with the dirty business of Washington. I doubt he is really wanting to go back into the sausage making business.
I think he would be the prefect pick. He has name recogintion and a solid head on his shoulders. I personally would love to see a debate between Huckabee and Biden. Only thing better would have been Gingrich and Obama debating. :wink:
there are several names who could help Romney.. of those Rand Raul sticks out as well as Condi Rice..

there is also a Susana Martinez governor of New Mexico..

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina,

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney dropped the first-term Republican governor's name Friday during an interview on Fox News, where he also mentioned the governors of New Jersey, Louisiana and South Carolina as possible running mates.

many speak of Christie.. but I feel he is looking for Holder's job.. and I also feel he would not be a good VP pick ..

Personally I would like to see either Rand Paul, but any of the other three, Condi, Martinez, or Haley would be a good choice..

my bet would be on Paul, Martinez or Haley.. for the short list..

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