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huntsman drops out

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Feb 10, 2006
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eastern Montana
and guess who he endorsed:

Then there's the fact that both men are Mormons from large families that have crossed paths. Some tidbits:

Parley Pratt, an early Mormon missionary, is Romney's great-great-grandfather and Huntsman's great-great-great-grandfather. That's how the two GOP candidates are related.

Huntsman's mother, Karen, lived with Romney's sister, Jane, while they attended the University of Utah.

Huntsman's maternal grandfather, David Haight, was best friends with Romney's father, George. (They grew up together in Oakley, Idaho, and would go swimming in a canal near their homes, Haight recalled in 1998 when Brigham Young University renamed its Institute of Public Management after George Romney.)

Huntsman's uncle, Bruce, once dated Romney's sister, Lynn

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