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I have an IDEA

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Feb 10, 2005
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:idea: :wink:

Since people claim Obama is such a great fund raiser and since it seems all he wants to do is attend fund raisers, why not send him out to fund raise to balance the US budget? :? It could keep him out of the Oval Office and actually doing something for the good of ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE verse just his backroom democrat buddies at the expense of the US tax payers. Let us see just how much his supporters are willing to give to save the US government compared to what they are willing to take from the government. :wink:
You're getting outside the scope of his objectives Tam.

He is doing all he can do to bankrupt Texas right now. We have a few factories left and he is about to curtail their ability to operate with electricity in summer and winter months when demand is at its peak.

There is a laundry list of other things as well.

Take the few jobs we have left in the U.S. and shut them down.

We'd be better off sending him on cruises or other vacations every single week until his term is over.

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