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I Thank God for:

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Sep 25, 2006
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Eastern Colorado
1. Life, His gift to me when I deserved the opposite.

2. Music-His gift to all, and to a select few he gave the ability to produce it.

3. Family

4. The prividlege of carrying His name, CHRISTian, when I so often drag it through the dirt, by His grace, I am granted the honor of serving Him.

5. The Youth group at Kendrick Church, past and present, and an additional host of wonderful friends

6. I will leave off, but I thank God for the many blessings of my life, none of which I am entitled to or deserve, but he has showered them on me anyway.

Along with your list I have a few more.

All those who served past, present, and future.

Unconditional love of pets. They teach us how to love the unlovable, or in other words the ones who need love the most.

The internet, with working nights I can still keep in touch with friends and help shoer in the winter with road conditions and weather reports. Love DOT cameras.

My coworkers, yes they at times they get unlovable but I am very Thankful for each and everyone of them.
I am glad you created this post...

I am thankful to God for:
1. The good health he has given me and to my loved ones this year.
2. For having sent me to this world to carry on a mission
3. For those brave individuals who are selfless in putting their lives at risk to defend our freedoms.
4. I am thankful that he has given me the ability to learn new things.
5. I am thankful that he has given my mother the opportunity to teach kids with special needs because she has already made a positive impact with some of them.
7. I am grateful for mother nature and its beauty.
1. The opportunities I have had here in the Sandhills of Nebraska.
2. Good health, good neighbors, a great family.
3. A wonderful Thanksgiving Day over at Soapweed's
4. An afternoon tour with Soapweed in their Polaris Ranger.
5. The excellent condition of the cattle and grass after a great summer
6. Elaine, my wonderful wife for 53 years 1950-2004 who did a great
job raising our family.
7. Arliss, another beautiful Chrisian lady and my wife the past 4 years.
8. For our great nation "Under God" and our faith that it will always be.
9. For the leaders who look to God for Divine Guidance.
10. Lastly but not leastly for Shortgrass whose weekly sermonettes have
been an inspiration to many. Thank you, Shortgrass!

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