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If you were to pick the most Conservative 2 districts......

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Apr 12, 2008
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real world
......in the US and and Canada, what would they be?

pick one in each Country......

Texas? Alberta?

How are they doing economically? What are they doing differently? What are they doing that other states/provinces are not able to do?

Sure they both have oil, and are willing to "drill, baby, drill", but what else?

Just some stats:

Alberta showed a deficit of $3.4 Billion for 2010, expected income was up, (oil lease sales), so the deficit was $1.3 lower than the expected $4.7B.

We spent $15B on Health Care, not including Fed. expenses. $9B on education.

and yet, the comments from the educated:

"We're up a billion dollars, and they can't come up with $100 million to support the children of Alberta?" said Alberta Teachers' Association president Carol Henderson.

No, we are down $3.4 Billion. What part of that can't you understand?

But anyway, Alberta has put some money away in a "rainy day fund", about $11 Billion. What "liberal" government has ever done that? Or do they spend all they take in and more?

How's the job creation going in Texas? They've created about 50% of all jobs created in the US in the past year. But obama still advocates more socialism.

I wonder if there is something that might be learned from conservative governments/districts?

Why is it so hard to take a look at "who" is doing things right and "copy" what they are doing?

People aren't going hungry in Alberta, and they have the Health Care that those advocating obamacare in the US desire.....low taxes, butt economic growth that pays for such things.

Our economy is stable, with a 7% unemployment rate, but is expected to be short of workers in a couple of years....During the recent "boom" years, unemployment got as low as 3.4%. So is 3-4 % the rate of folks that are not willing to work, no matter if there are jobs or not?

Yet, liberalism is the only answer, to those that want, what we have...

...and raising taxes, is the way to get there, yet Canada is lowering corporate tax rates. :???:

What's the answer?

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