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Insulating The House

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I Luv Herfrds

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Nov 8, 2007
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Got the insulation yesterday and started putting it up last night. So much warmer up there then it is in our current house.


By herfrds at 2012-01-19


By herfrds at 2012-01-19


By herfrds at 2012-01-19


By herfrds at 2012-01-19
This little reminder of winter weather we have been getting is a good reminder to have plenty of insulation...

Got to 5 Above today and with no wind felt plumb balmy... Beach weather.. :wink:
I was wondering when we were going to get an update. Thanks looks like it is going to be cozy.
Iv'e built 3 houses and while the outside work moves along pretty good, seems like it takes forever to finish the inside, put alot of electric plugs in yours while the walls are open.
good luck
Hay Maker my hubby about killed me over the number of outlets and light fixtures I wanted in this house.
The electrical is done and the inspector passed it.

Now the little things inside that need to be done.

I priced our kitchen cabinets and they were $8800; $12000 and $15000. and they were not the most expensive either. Hubby can make them himself cheaper and with solid cabinet grade plywood instead of particle board.
Looks like that should be quite cozy! You will sure not regret having lots of electrical outlets. Mr. ILH must be a bit of a craftsman to take on cabinet making of that scale! I greatly admire someone who can make joints fit smoothly since I'm more of a chainsaw carpenter! Well, I used to cut trees for my livelihood, so I was always glad that someone could put them back together nicely!
burnt he enjoys making or building things with his hands. I tried to keep the kitchen cabinets simple. The hardest will be doing the doors.

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