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Is Jay Carney blind or stupid

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Feb 10, 2005
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He just said the President is winning the talks going on it DC. BUT first wasn't Obama locked out of the talks by Boehner which force him to go crying to the nation on Prime Time where even Jon Stewart made fun of him. Second Obama is the only on still wanting tax hikes included Reid's bill doesn't even include them.

AND then you have this little CNN poll.

"According to CNN; 75% of Americans support a balanced budget amendment. 66% of Americans support the House GOP cut, cap, balance bill. Overwhelmi­ngly Americans do not want this nation to default.
And what is Obama plan OH he doesn't have one other than to veto any Repubican bill that hits his desk.

The only big disagreement seems to be the length of time between the raisng in the debt ceiling. Republicans want a short term and Obama wants it extended pass the 2012 election. Why? so he doesn't have to go back to the voters to ask them to hike his credit card limit to support his out of control spending AGAIN before they vote. Boehner is right in forcing a short term as it will force the Dems to hold down and cut spending so they don't hit the ceiling again before the election. If they can't/won't cut the budget in the next 6 to 8 months then when will they EVER CUT IT.

What's your thoughts is Obama winning by threatening vetos everytime the Republicans pass a bill that a majority of voters like? Is the White House and Dems in the Senate serious about stopping their so called default when they refuse to even consider any Republican bill sent their way?
The only big disagreement seems to be the length of time between the raisng in the debt ceiling

That's the whole thing in a nutshell.

The election, the election, the election.
There is no way Obama wants to face raising the Debt ceiling again before the election, after all the spending he has done on things that voters told him they didn't want .

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