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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley
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Lurch is a Cowboy I met a work - He does a weekly FREE eMail Letter with CLEAN JOKES - His Contact information is at the bottom of this post...

News of the Weird
Proof that true stories are weirder than made-up stories

27) Best Spills of 2002 involved beverages
* In July, an 18-wheeler full of beer on Interstate 5 near Fort Tejon.
* In July, 1,500 gallons of Southern Comfort in a warehouse in Louisville, Ky.
* In December, 50,000 one-inch screws on Interstate 65, causing scores of flat tires, near Lebanon Junction, Ky.
*In May, 270,000 eggs on I-65 in Crown Point, Ind.
* In May, $1 million in cash on Highway 160 near Pagosa Springs, Colo.
* In May, 37 voting machines fell off a truck and were rendered useless six days before the primary in Albuquerque.
- Chuck Shepherd
(Source: San Jose Mercury News, 1/24/03)


Oh well...
An applicant was filling out a job application.
When he came to the question, "Have you ever been arrested?" he wrote, "No."
The next question, intended for people who had answered in the affirmative to the previous question, was "Why?"
The applicant answered it anyway: "Never got caught."

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