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May 10, 2006
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Frankfort, Indiana
I just heard that a school in North Carolina has a federal food inspector that searches lunch boxes of students from home and if they do not meet federal standards the students are not allowed to eat them and must eat a school lunch and the parents will be charged. I also read where now many schools are setting policy that any parent wanting to provide cookies, etc. for school parties must also meet federal food standards for children. WOW!
Unemployment is out of control, gas is on it’s way to the mid $4 by May, I am being mandated to pay for flood insurance that I don’t need, and in another year I will be mandated to pay for health insurance or pay a fine or face jail sentence. Last week the government mandated that all employers and insurance companies furnish at no cost birth control and abortion services to all women. What’s this country coming too?
I know, the first thing that will come to mind when someone reads the start of this is – “Oh no, not another political rant!” Look, I know that most individuals get real “hands off” when it comes to religion, politics, and intimacy but we’ve reached a time when it is of up most importance to talk about the state of our union.
As a young person I was like most and only wanted to “put in the time” through school and looking back I wish I had understood the importance and that my teacher, parents, and others had placed more emphasis in Government class.
I also suppose that when we are young adults we are so busy with our lives and unless the world around us seems on the right path we pay little attention and participate much in government and those who govern us. I do believe for the most part in my younger days things were not as corrupt as they are today.
You would have to have lived under a rock at least the last 4 years not to know that the state of our union and the world have reached a tipping point. It’s not an issue of black or white, Republican or Democrat, man or woman, or young or old – our republic is under attack. Leaders from both sides of the isle have been to be corrupt. Our current administration is on a path to socialism and our judges are not enforcing the law but writing law. No where in our constitution will you find what is being legislated and we are loosing our freedoms, our liberties, and our responsibilities.
Never before in my lifetime has there been a more important time for every citizen to take a serious look at the news and our governing body, and who, how, and why we are being governed in the current fashion. It is a time to pay attention, get the real facts, and participate. Today we have more access to more information than at any other time and now is not a time to be apathetic. If you do not know the facts – look for them and don’t just look in one source. If you do not know your congressmen – look them up and their voting record. If you are not registered to vote – DO IT !! It’s easy and it can be done at the license branch or online.
I am not promoting any candidates openly but I do know that I am tired of oppressing government laws and regulations, and a federal government that feels it needs to dictate my every move. My life, my actions, and my money are mine and they are my responsibilities. As long as I do not infringe on the rights of others by my actions - then it no one’s business. I will be my brothers keeper but no one has the right to tell me I must be. No where in the constitution is it stated that the government has the right to tell me what to purchase. There are no rights other than God given rights. No government, no judge, no legislator can give you rights – they can only deprive you of them. I hear all the time when the subject of government is brought up that “they are all corrupt and my voice means nothing so I don’t vote or pay attention.” Well, maybe the reason that many are corrupt and things are in the toilet are because a lack of what we have done in the past – we didn’t pay attention, vote, voice our opinion and demand what’s right from our legislators..
It is time for tax and entitlement reform, term limits, a balanced budget and a government that lives within it’s means. It is time for government workers to be paid wages comparable to non government workers and laws of the land should also apply to congressmen. Right now federal employees are being paid 2x+ what the average non governmental worker makes. Unions have no place in public employment and nor should they make higher wages, get free insurance and retirements compared to their taxpayer’s who pay their wages. It’s time that every citizen take responsibility for their lives. Only 40% of all taxpayers pay taxes and the top 5% of all taxpayers pay 90% of the tax burden. We are close to reaching the point where 50% of taxpayers are supporting the other 50%. Folks, we are $17 trillion in debt as a federal government and spending $1 out of every $4 just to pay the interest! We have 20 million illegals living and drawing off of the federal and states wallets. We have 46 million citizens using food stamps and a real unemployment level of at least 11%. If not repealed the health care act, the EPA, FEMA, other agencies, and other recent actions will dictate your entire life by mandate and control what liberties you have. It’s time to act.
If you don’t know the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – look them up and read them. It will take about the same amount of time you would spend reading your emails and check Facebook. Take an evening and discuss them with your family and explain them to your children. Take responsibility and be part of your government – it’s your responsibility as a citizen. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.


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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills
Very good post, cutterone. It is past time that we all woke up to what is happening in our world. We need to act right and vote right. One at a time, by doing our part, we can make a difference.

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