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Jingo, another right wing extremist?

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Apr 12, 2008
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real world
A U.S. serviceman is in custody after he allegedly admitted he was planning an attack on the U.S. Army base at Fort Hood, Texas, the same base where 13 people were killed in a 2009 terror attack.

U.S. officials told ABC News an AWOL serviceman, identified by the FBI as a Private First Class Naser Jason Abdo, was arrested Wednesday after making a purchase at Guns Galore in Killeen, Texas, the same ammunition store where Maj. Nidal Hasan purchased the weapons he allegedly used to gun down 13 people and wound 32 others on Nov. 5, 2009.

Abdo told ABC News in 2010 he was Muslim and should not have to participate in what he called an "unjust war" in the Middle East.

Even before his arrest, Abdo had a troubled record with the military. In 2009, he refused to deploy for Afghanistan and applied to be discharged as a conscientious objector, arguing that his Islamic faith prohibited him from fighting in the war. Abdo received approval for the request from the Army, but on May 13, he was charged with possession of child pornography. He was awaiting a possible court-martial went he went AWOL from Fort Cambell in Kentucky on July 4.

,.... sounds like the little muslim pervert was caught just in time,.. thankfully the ATF wasn't involved.. :?
some articles state that two other men are being detained..

while one hopes this was a lone crazy gunman, and he has been stopped.. for three service members to be involved would show the US military has an even bigger problem.. one that would be really difficult to solve and keep our values and ideals.

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