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Journal of virology - prions found in sheep tongues

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Feb 14, 2005
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Calgary Alberta
:) You're gonna be busy for a while now reader. One post that could have a positive affect on the metal contamination theory and only two biased posts on the THEORY of transmission. You have 97 more posts to make about he BS theory to prove that 99% of the world BELEIVES!

Hipity hop hipity hop.

Gotta go take my Lithium now, balance is a little of.
:D On the contrare my dear. I like science, and I like theory. But guess what, I like more than one. Especially when the one and only theory is so obviously about money, greed and power. The power brokers and money brokers of this world fear the metal contamination theory because it would prove the waste of animals and utter waste of family farms in the UK, Canada, and soon to be the USA if things dont' change. How many Law suits do you think there will be when the transmission theory turns out to be the false theory that it is?

Keep posting reader, I know you do it because you want me to respond. You like me don't you? :wink:

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