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Just a Thinkin' - poem for Fightless Friday

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Liberty Belle

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Feb 10, 2005
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northwestern South Dakota
Just A Thinkin'
By Ern Pedler (1914-1989)

From the outside back cover of the Morgan Horse magazine, October 1952.

I'm a'layin' on the prairie
And I'm thinkin' of my home,
An' the folks I left behin' me,
When I started out to roam.
But I'm not the least bit lonely
On this mighty desert sea,
'Cause I know that if I left it,
It'd soon be callin' me.

Seems there's somethin' in the desert
Makes you want to be alone.
An' you ride it in the daytime
Knowin' well it's all your own,
An' at night when you're a'layin'
An' a gazin' at the moon,
Then you're thinkin' of the roundup
That is comin' purty soon.

In the last an' final round up
When the Big Boss ropes us in,
I been wonderin' just what sort of
A corral I'm gonna win.
Will I be selected caref'lly?
An' put in a hay filled barn?
Or just left fer common herdin'
'Cause I'm hardly worth a darn?

Think I'll start to livin' better
So's to join them grainfed steers
'Cause I'll have to meet my maker now
In just a few short years.
But my thought is gettin' fuzzy
An' I'll soon be sleepin' on,
'Cause I got to hit the saddle,
With the early crack o' dawn.

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