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Feb 13, 2005
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Gilroy/San Martin, Ca.
How City People Train Dogs!

  Here's a new way to train. This poem was written by Ken Nagler, an
  Obedience Judge and Director of the Canine Training Association in
  Maryland. Ken is 86 years old and just started agility last year! :)

  Now clicker training's quite the fad.
  Results for some are not too bad.
  The concept stemmed from Pavlov's hound
  Responding to some special sound.

  The dog would start to salivate
  Before he got the food he ate.
  The modern click does much the same.
  Enhancing our dog-training game

  By causing Fido's hopes to raise--
  Anticipating treats or praise.
  Sometimes you click to no avail,
  And other methods also fail.

  No matter how you plead or shout,
  Sometimes the dog just won't put out
  When asked to sit or heel or stay,
  Thus giving you a rotten day.

  It makes you feel quite like a fool,
  And then you start to lose your cool.
  But if other methods fail for you,
  There's something else that you can do.

  Try "liquor training", that's it's name,
  To help you with your dog-sport game.
  "How does this method work?" you ask.
  Well, first you get a little flask,

  Containing gin or other booze
  Of any kind that you may choose.
  Each time your dog decides to goof,
  You take a sip of 80 proof.

  It helps the handler to relax
  And minimize the stress attacks.
  When the handler's mood is more at ease,
  The dog may sometimes try to please,

  Or, then again may still refuse
  To mind his training P's and Q's.
  But whether foul results or fair
  When you liquor train -- you just don't care!

  written by
  ~Ken Nagler~
Our neighbor who has a new English Setter pup will have to read your poem. He tried the pleading and shouting to no avail. He didn't have much luck training his children so nobody is holding out much hope for the dog!

The cute and friendly pup spends most of her days in our front yard. Which is fine with me, I miss having a dog around. But she almost ran across our freshly poured garage concrete floor yesterday causing some frantic running around to catch her resulting in her being tied to a tree. Pup doesn't know how close she came to being a Mafia-type disposal job!

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