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Just thought I would share....

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Mar 8, 2010
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Western SD
We have had approximately 6.5 to 7 inches of rain in the last few days and I thought you all would like to see. Many of the roads outside of town are washed out and Butte and Harding counties are advising that people don't travel them. These pics are in Belle Fourche, and we are wishing for a little break in the moisture and some sunshine!

Center Of The Nation Monument and Park....under water!


Ballfields at the fairgrounds...no baseball here anytime soon!



Some of the streets


One of the campgrounds downtown

Lakefront property....I think :roll:

Belle Fourche River, by the monument

Hope you all enjoyed....
Still the Belle Fourche river that is running over the street....Hay Creek is up, but seems to be staying barely inside the banks in town....might be a different story tomorrow though!! :roll: We looked at the ball fields night before last and they didn't have hardly any water on them! We are guessing they have about 2 to 3 ft on them now, judging by the fence. It came up in a hurry!! Word today at the local Cenex was that a dam broke over by Hulett, Wy and is coming this way... the water will rise more by morning. We do however have some helpful teenagers in this town.....they let school out early today due to all the flooding and a lot of the high school kids went to the fire dept to volunteer helping fill sandbags. :)

I agree with the Belle Sloosh!!! lol
That looks wet!! :shock: Gives a whole new dimension to sliding into home! Or hitting a dribbler down to third! Or floating a loan for the new house!

Such heavy rains is not something I would associate with western South Dakota!

What is your normal annual precipitation?
Heavy rains are not typical for this area, and to be truthful I don't really know what "normal precip" would be....we just came off of a pretty good drought a couple of years ago and now it is raining like crazy! The farmers almanac says that the average precip for today would be .40 or less. Most of the time we don't get 2 Aprils and no May :lol: We get minor flooding along creeks as the ice breaks up in the spring, but not usually this bad. They normally get more precip east river than what we have here. The sun is shining today though, so hopefully it starts to warm up a little so the green can take off! I know our alfalfa in the field is already knee high or better....so hopefully we have some good hay again this year!
Wow, your hay sounds like it is really doing well! They say it's an ill wind that blows no good and you may get a good hay year as a result of the wet spring.
Those photo's really give 'reallity' to the audio reports we have heard.

My area, about 180 miles east and a little south of Belle "Sloosh" has an average annual precip. of 14-15".

Like highlonesome, we have recently come off several years of pretty bad drought, so not sure there is such a thing as 'normal' in SD weather.

We have had about 1.80" of rain the past three days after a somewhat winter with somewhat more snow than 'usual' here.

The very cool weather is slowing growth of trees and grass, it seems, though prairie grass may be ahead of 'normal', or was three weeks ago. Odd weather patterns should be considered 'normal', it seems.

We haven't had any frost in a couple of weeks, and we can get killing frost for another couple of weeks here. Sure hope not. It would be nice to get some wild fruit for a change. And it is so ugly when the trees lose the new leaves.
Good to hear you got moisture mrj. Unusual weather does seem to be the "norm"! We are quite wet here in Ontario with the planting progress far behind normal. Like Ohio and Indiana to the south of us.

It just starts to dry off a bit and then another shower, just like today. Heavy rains forecast for the next 2 days and then a few days of sun.

We'll see!
We were just talking about the BF River flooding at supper tonight. What a mess. Thanks for sharing the picts. Have you turned them into Mike Modrick yet?

Perkins County had some much needed sunshine today. Hope you get some soon.
Huge storm came thru about 6:30 PM and then another about mid night - - - high winds, golf ball sized hail and almost 3" of rain between the two rains!

Beautiful morning so far - - but more rain forcast everyday.
George I am NW of you and around 645 last night we got 3/4 of an inch in 15 minutes :shock: :help:

I am over 60 and I have never seen it rain that hard and fast!

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