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Late term abortion outrage.

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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
I went on line tonight to check my e-mail and a story came up about a baby surviving a late term abortion, since it was a drop down thing netscape does, I was unable to copy the URL so I did a google search of Baby survives Abortion and was shocked at the number of stories. two things made me post tonight, One, the hope to someday out law this practice, and the other to bring this issue to see if there is really any support for this horrible act.

pro-choice arguments in the history of the debate since just before Roe v. Wade say that all a woman has a right to is the removal of the fetus from her uterus. If the fetus happens to survive, why she should have a right to its death?

doctors have been debating the appropriate response if a fetus survives a late-term abortion. Apparently it is not unheard of for fetuses as young as 24 or even 23 weeks to survive the attempt to snuff out their lives. When this happens, " guidelines from the College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists for late abortions stated that the fetus should be given a lethal injection to the heart before it was delivered as the intention was that the baby would not survive." So even if the baby survives, the doctor is then to immediately euthenize the child.
It is ironic in this wealthy country that some can have such concern for some life forms for example the extermination of the prairie dog, yet none for the unborn human baby.

We would do well to try the European method of drop-off spots at hospitals for unwanted newborns where the mother is asked no questions. That would probably be the only way to convince some to complete their pregnancies.

How medical folks can perform abortions and sleep at night boggles the mind. Just like the Nazi exterminations.
Our oldest son came into the world in 1982, and he was two and a half months premature. He only weighed three pounds four ounces, and a couple days later shrunk down to two pounds fourteen ounces. His will to live was remarkable, and he never looked back.

We did have enough warning to get Mrs. Soapweed on the air ambulance, so he was born at a big hospital in Denver. The "ironic" part of the whole experience, was seeing so much effort put into saving our boy and others like him, who were so small and premature, and then having other ladies in the same hospital there for abortions. Surely God looks down on this old world with righteous indignation.
Same here, Soapweed. Our daughter was born in 1963 and weighed only 2 lbs. 8 ozs. She was born in Sheridan, Wyoming in that small hospital. It is a wonder she made it, but she did and has been extremely healthy. The hospital staff was dilligent in her care, she was there for 2 months before she weighed enough to come home.

I can't understand abortion, unless under dire circumstances.
The medical profession can take a life as you pointed out, but
they keep comatose patients hooked up to machines forever and
people that are in pain and slowly dying is another matter as well. It is
a double standard for sure. I wonder who in a hospital decides these things--the
right and the wrong of it?
You are all so right. I for the life of me cannot see how the same people lamenting the life of a prairie dog or a minnow or a lobster but have total disdain for the life of an unborn human. My opinion, such as it is, women have a choice, they can keep their pants on or be ready to pay the consequence. They have a choice to control their own body, keep the knees together. Same goes for the males, keep it in your pants or pay the price
We too had a premature baby. I was in bed for 6 weeks then they flew us to Lincoln. I was there for a week with my water broke. There was another lady who was there 27 days with her water broke. I don't know how she turned out. They told us our son had down syndrome. They induced labor after labor day and we had a healthy 4.5 pd son. We were in the best shape in ICU. The little girl who was beside us was 22 weeks and had alot of problems. Pedeactric ICU was a real eye opener for me. We are so lucky to have a happy healthy normal ornery son. The power of prayer is pretty amazing....

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